Acne is a common treatable skin condition. Treatment can be
effected in most people with little or no scarring. The
effectiveness of the treatment recommended for you depends on
how well you cooperate with the entire acne cure process. Your
success in acne cure might not be in going for the latest
treatment but to make some simple adjustments with the treatment
you already have. The following ten tips will help you to get
the best out of treating your acne. 

 1. Give acne treatments time to work It takes from a few days to  up to six weeks for you to see satisfactory improvements on your  skin. This depends on your type of acne. Some sufferers may not  see clear skin until about six months.

2. Use the acne treatment as prescribed Acne treatments, like  any other medication are designed to work after a pattern. Do  not use more or less than you are instructed to.

3. Stick to your prescription Mixing acne treatments can cause  skin irritation. This could lead to more breakouts thereby  slowing down or actually stopping the treatment.

4. Apply acne medication before make up Acne medication is meant  to be in direct contact with your skin. A base of make up will  simply block the medication from being effective on your skin.

5. Do not use abrasive soap, toner or facial scrub etc. These  can irritate the skin and cause breakouts. Irritated skin also  makes it difficult for acne medication to work well. Rather use  a mild cleanser to wash your skin twice a day.

6. Do not scrub your skin Scrubbing irritates acne-prone skin.  Use lukewarm (not hot) water to wash your skin. Apply a mild  cleanser gently with your fingertips. Wash just twice a day to  reduce irritation and dryness.

7. Wait about ten minutes before applying medication. Wet skin  is highly absorbent and easily irritable. To avoid irritation,  wait for about ten minutes after washing for your skin to dry  before applying acne medication.

8. Clean Skin gently after sweating Clean your skin gently as  soon as possible after sweating but do not scrub. Sweating can  aggravate acne-prone skin so always cleanse skin as soon as you  can after sweating.

9. Do not squeeze or pick acne Picking or squeezing might give  some temporary relieve but it actually makes acne worse. It  prolongs the treatment. It can also lead to scarring thereby  reducing your chances of seeing clear skin.

10. Continue using the treatment even after seeing clear skin  This ensures that your skin is kept blemish free.

Lastly, remember effective treatment is available for all types
of acne. Acne can be 100% cured. For other resources on acne
treatment see <a href=""> Acne Cure

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